The Batlle between the light and the dark

..and the great awakening

Once upon a time….
There was a place.
It had the potential to be a very nice place, a place where everyone would be free and happy.

The beings who lived in that place had no idea that their place could be something else than they were experiencing now. They were just used to the way it was … it went the way it went ..They had been forgotten

And that was exactly the intention!
Because there was a dark king… least: he pretended to be a king.
He was not like the creatures in this place. He had the darkness in him and was only after self-aggrandizement … the expense of the beings ..

Yes… he thought he had it right… His power grew and grew…… Except for a few minor incidents… that they wanted to dethrone him.
His super power was that he could make the creatures believe whatever he there was no problem at all.
…it went as desired…

Until something happened in the creatures that he had no control over!
The thing he had most feared …

You have to know that there were more beings, beings that had no form.
That is why they did not need “the place”!
And so he had no control over them …

These beings … let’s call them “light beings” … have protected the other beings.In the first instance, the beings of light also ensured that the beings-on-the-place would not remember. Because they knew that would be a very difficult task… Beings who know they are imprisoned will only become bitter in the long run.
Deeply traumatized for everything they know….

Instead, they battled the dark by sending love and high energy every time. Until the beings started to feel that.They began to remember that feeling…. She felt how nice that was.They began to unfreeze at a deeper level from the power that ruled them.

Without really understanding how it worked, she felt the urge to create more of that nice feeling.

It all took an untold amount of time, but more and more the creatures started to change. Other beings become curious why some could be so deeply happy, and began to copy what they saw of those others.
And so the higher energy began to spread.

The king saw it happen and was horrifiedAfter all, he did everything he could to keep the higher energy beings away from “his beings”.
The king devised a plan to keep the beings from seeking the higher energy.
And apply even more mind control.

After all, he knew that fear was strong enough to keep the energy low.
You should know that he had played them that way for so long.
He made up wars and made the words of love dirty, even pitted them against each other.
After all, the creatures followed that every time.
So that would work again now.

This time he had to come with bigger guns
However … he was unable to create anything that would not affect him or his followers.
There was going to be a plague… that in reality could do no harm at all.
The king used impressions of fear.
……again and again through all kinds of channels to let it be known that the plague would wipe out everyoneif one who wouldn’t listen to him….…

Little did he know..…
Oh how could he know….……

With this he started to dig his own grave….
The high energy was already spread too far….
You must know that high energy is not susceptible to fear.
The king unintentionally created too many extremes.
This made the creatures feel friction… deep within them. The friction between the now felt high energy and the low energy that came from outside.
High energy is stronger.… than the lower… conquers the fear…

The chaos and friction began to crack the system.
The king tried to make them fight against each other, by means of trickery and deceit…. but that did not have the desired effect long enough …

The king’s system, based on power, manipulation, and fear, began to show gaps.
Which resulted in even more creatures starting to free thems selfs… To awaken from the illusion they had lived in for so long.

Now a stage had emerged where the darkness was fully exposed.
The king’s dark agenda could be seen by anyone who wanted to.…
Who could see….
He no longer had any say.
The illusion was broken.

There was a short period when joy and deep raw coexisted…
Many felt a kind of shock, to see at once that their existence had been based on a lie.
That pain from that had to surface and be felt…
some could not handle this…. just a few…
Because of the love of the others, these could live on just fine. Okay, they couldn’t fully enjoy the richness of life that had now come into place, but it wasn’t any worse than it had been.

And then there was only love, abundance and joy.
And they lived happily ever after.
,…For a long time…… and very happy

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